Coaching jobseekers

Online training in a groundbreaking method for supporting people

A method that goes beyond traditional coaching and is more straightforward and effective to get greater results.

How important is a person’s mindset in whether they get offered a job or not? Most professionals supporting and coaching jobseekers would say it is critical! So, if this is true, how do you help someone to change their mindset? That is the core of the Tuff Coaching Job Seekers Training methodology – and that is what makes it so effective.

Common results after the Coaching Job Seekers Training are:

  • More empowered clients
  • Clients having real breakthroughs in their job search
  • Less time needed to be spent on each client
  • Clients using their full capacity and driving their own job searching project
  • Coaches supporting the clients rather than doing the work themselves
  • Coaches saving time and energy and feeling less stressed and burdened
  • The result of the job coaching being sustainable

The method:

Tuff Coaching Job Seekers Training is a dialogue method that goes beyond traditional coaching and leads to much greater impact and results. Job seekers tap into their own capacity, thus lightening the burden of the job coaches. The strength of the method is that coaches learn to relate and communicate in a way that makes job seekers choose to develop their own capacity. What happens is they start to take responsibility and act in a more powerful way. The method was developed by Karin Tenelius in the mid-1990s and has since then been used by thousands of users in employment agencies, municipalities, job centres and universities.

You can read more about the method here.

The three main factors that make the method efficient:

  • It deals with the source of the individual´s obstacles for having results
  • It brings out peoples’ capacity by them changing their attitude
  • it makes people become more responsible
  • “Just want more of this as it was so extraordinary good. Fantastic course. Logical, important, challenging, fun, educational, developing.” – Hanna Wikman, Arbetslivsresurs
  • “The course gives you powerful tools in relating to people’s potential. You will learn to listen, pick-up what is happening and use it in a direction that is constructive for the person you are coaching.” – Eva Kjell, Malmö stad
  • “Very concrete, not so much “lecture”. Lots of practice and a lots of individual feedback. Great!” – Maria Fälldin, Krokoms kommun

For whom?

The online training Coaching Job Seekers is for job coaches who are supporting job seekers on a daily basis. There is no previous knowledge required. We teach the dialogue method to professionals such as job coaches, career counsellors, and employment advisors.


The cost is £400 or €490 or $530 excl. VAT including all materials.

Coaching jobseekers online -> Course format

The training will take place online using Zoom. The programme consists of five half days in 3 modules. The first two modules are one afternoon (12:30 – 4 pm BST) and the following morning (9 am – 12 pm BST). The third module is just one afternoon (12:30 – 4 pm BST). Between each module there are a few weeks for you to try out your learnings at work. All sessions include practical training and tailored individual feedback.

The book Coaching Job Seekers: a handbook for those who work with supporting job seekers

The book Coaching Job Seekers by Karin Tenelius is a tool for those who work individually or in groups with people in different job search situations, but also for those who in other contexts have the task of supporting others in their development.

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"I could see in real time as we were practicing… what a massive change just a small adjustment in being could have." – Harry McMullen, Training coordinator and Coach at People and Their Brilliance
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"It just took our relationships and the trust that we had for one another to another level." – Hazel Beckett, Operations Manager, Kickstart & Year of Service, Catch 22
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"The difference in the individuals and what came out for them, was quite significant." – Ian King, People and Their Brilliance, UK
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"Incredibly educational, more self-insight and concrete tools that will make me a more trustworthy and better coach – all colleagues and managers should attend this training." – Frida Lindgren, Arbetslivsresurs